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Work with Young People
Rib Davis has worked with young people in a variety of settings. In primary schools he has run oral history projects leading to plays such as Two Country Villages (Loughton, Bucks) and They’re Not From Here (Chertsey). On other occasions, working with teenagers, scripts have arisen out of improvisation and/or historical research, as in What Was Coming to Him (Y-Care International) and Homework for Annette (Northants). Both of his Millennium projects at The O2 were also devised for young people. In 2011 he wrote and directed A Town by The River, for young people in Walton-upon-Thames.

All of his community plays and many of his other community projects involve young people, often working alongside people of other ages.

In addition Rib Davis has run numerous short courses within both primary and secondary schools, on both scriptwriting and oral history.

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