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Rib Davis has written two books on the art of scriptwriting, Writing Dialogue for Scripts and Creating Compelling Characters for Film, Tv, theatre and Radio, both published by A & C Black.

Writing Dialogue for Scripts (a 4th edition appeared in 2016) looks at how dialogue works across all the script media – stage, radio, television and film. It includes chapters on how conversation works, naturalistic and stylised dialogue, pace and variation, forms of narration and comic dialogue. ‘Worth more than an entire shelf of how-to-write books because it makes us understand how and why people behave the way they do’ (Julian Friedmann, editor, twelvepoint, formerly Scriptwriter); ‘An undisputed must-have for any student of writing’ (David Lane, Creative Writing Lecturer, City University). Creating Compelling Characters for Film, Tv,Theatre and Radio (the re-named 2nd edition of Developing Characters for Script Writing) deals with the creation and development of characters, similarly across all the script media. There are chapters on the roots of a character, the complex character, the relationship between character and plot and audience identification with character.

Rib Davis has also edited and co-edited a number of books of oral history and of fiction, including Woking Living Words, a collection of memories (edited from over 200 interviews) and photographs of Woking within living memory.

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